About Us

About LimbLink Labs Inc, a Canadian company incorporated in 2023, is a dynamic startup founded by four visionary directors with extensive experience in medical devices and IoT. Recognizing the inefficiencies in traditional orthopedic care, they collaborated to develop a groundbreaking solution: integrating IoT technology with orthopedic fixation and immobilization devices. Their innovative approach stems from the realization that a significant number of patients experience discomfort and anxiety during their recovery period, often leading to unnecessary doctor visits. A survey indicated that 70-72% of such visits resulted in patients being sent home without additional treatment, highlighting a critical area for improvement in patient care. To address this, LimbLink Labs has pioneered the development of smart casts and braces embedded with IoT devices. These advanced devices monitor the healing process in real-time, detecting abnormalities and transmitting data directly to healthcare providers. This continuous monitoring allows doctors to track patient recovery more effectively, intervening only when necessary and ensuring timely medical attention for genuine issues. The integration of IoT technology into orthopedic devices not only enhances patient comfort and confidence but also optimizes the use of medical resources. By reducing unnecessary hospital visits, LimbLink Labs helps streamline healthcare services, allowing doctors to focus on patients who truly need immediate care. In partnership with a USFDA-approved cast manufacturing company in South Korea, LimbLink Labs is dedicated to transforming orthopedic treatment. Their commitment to innovation and patient-centric solutions positions them at the forefront of the medical device industry, paving the way for smarter, more efficient healthcare.

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